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Self esteem courses

Shining Bright runs a number of courses related to building self esteem and creating lasting self esteem to take forward into everyday life. The following outlines courses run by Shining Bright, as well as a more detailed synopsis as an example.

Building Self Esteem – 1 Day Workshop

  • Relaxation
  • Posture Work
  • Focusing on Strengths
  • Self Healing
  • Committing to risk taking
  • Do something good for self and others

Creating Lasting Self Esteem – 1 Day Workshop

  • Relaxation
  • Posture Work
  • Using Colour
  • Self Healing – nurturing the self
  • Inner Saboteur
  • Mirror work / Affirmations
  • Creating the future through Visualisations

Quick tips for lifting Self Esteem – 1 Day Workshop

  • Relaxation / Breathing
  • Connecting to the environment – using and taking in elemental energy
  • Lifting the room energy, using flowers, crystals, light and colour
  • Uplifting Aromatherapy oils
  • Self nurturing
  • Affirmations
  • Doing something you have been putting off

General Course – Addressing and Building Self Esteem – detailed example.

This two day workshop has been designed for those who wish to improve their self esteem and self confidence. The focus of the workshop is: What is self esteem? What is the difference between self esteem and self confidence? How can you improve these areas and maintain them at a level that is acceptable to you.

Through self help techniques and exercises, participants are shown how to use simple but powerful techniques. Some of the exercises can be beneficial immediately, ideal for use before a particular nerve-racking event whilst others will produce longer lasting change and maintenance of that change. An example of some of the skills learnt on the workshop are: Posture work, affirmations, relaxation and positive thinking.

The workshop is set at an up beat, positive tempo with the focus being placed on experiencing the techniques and exercises. The environment is nourishing, safe and accepting. Groups are purposely kept small to promote a secure, nurturing environment.

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